Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pre Run Rabbit Run

Sleeping in a Hypoxico tent the past
month getting acclimated ...sorry Sharon
This time next week I'll be in Steamboat, Colorado running the Run Rabbit Run 100 miler. It's not my first hundo but it'll be my first big American hundo and that means stiffer competition, more of a spotlight and a whopping 50G purse. To be honest the latter of the two mean very little to me but the thought of running against some of the best hundred mile trail runners in the States really turns my crank. Since December, on two separate occasions when forced to push later past the hundred mile mark I surprised myself by how well I did. The common denominator in both those races was being pressured by competitors to find that extra gear. Turns out I'm one competitive mo-fo with significant control issues.

So my play next weekend is to go out with the lead pack and stick it. One of two scenarios will play out, either crash and burn realizing I am so totally out of my league or a damn successful race. Either way this will hurt worse than a kick in the junk but as odd as that sounds, I'm cool with that. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I think a top ten placement is very doable but if all my ducks line up in a row a top 5 placement isn't a stretch and if doubters would like to warn me how strong the American runners are I'd like to remind them I was the top North or South American at the World 24 hour championships earlier this year in Italy. As my son Sam would say "Booya!"

The race starts at noon on Friday September 18.  My progress can be tracked HERE bib #54


Oleg Tabelev said...

Go get them Tiger!

Joanna Ford said...

I LOVE your confidence! Those Americans are fast, but I think we have some damn good runners in Canada too.

Jeff said...

Good luck Dave, I will be cheering for you!!!